About Us

Who we are


Our names are Jake and Jodi. We were raised locally and love all that the Treasure Valley has to offer!

When the churning stops, we spend our time with our 2 sons, 2 daughters and 2 dogs!

We enjoy getting to know our customers and making people happy!

We aim to foster creativity and connections through a shared love of gelato.

Our Passion

  • Produce the highest quality and best tasting gelato and sorbet in Idaho.

    …It’s the best in the universe if you ask our taste testers!

  • Maintain an outstanding relationship with our customers.

    We strive to listen, understand and respond. We appreciate all of our customers!

  • We are committed to local, this valley is our home.

    We believe it is essential to stay connected and give back.

Our Favorite Flavors

– Blackcurrant Cream
– Wildberry Sorbet

– Raspberry Cream
– Stracciatella

– Mint Chocolate
– Cookie Dough

– Cookies & Cream
– Peach Sorbet

– Eggnog
– Orange Cream

– Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flakes
– Root Beer Float